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New York City Knights is a new series by Britt Jones

These standalone instalove romances are set in New York City. Heroes don’t always wear a uniform or come in larger-than-life forms. Sometimes it’s the everyday guy or gal who steps in when you need a helping hand.



I’m alone in a new city, left behind by a sister I barely know for the first holiday without my parents. Suffice it to say, there isn’t any jingle in my bells this Christmas.


That is, until a knight in a shining Santa suit rescues me from a mugging. Turns out he’s my neighbor. My sexy neighbor. And despite the way we met, his kindness and rock-hard abs might just be what I need to light my Christmas tree.



I’ve been keeping a low profile, staying out of the news, giving up the hope of more to maintain a little peace in my life.


All that flies out the window the moment I rescue my neighbor from a mugging. The immediate need to protect her kicks in—it’s in my DNA—but something is different about Marcy.


She makes my future seem full of color and light and I think she might just be the Christmas gift I needed.


Can we get over the past and our age difference to create a new life together?

All Lucked Up copy.jpg

What do you do when the woman of your dreams walks into your bar looking for your best friend?




I’ve quit looking for the right woman. Maybe I’m just picky. After my stint in the military, it was easier to run the family pub I inherited from Pops. It keeps me busy and a lot of women don’t understand the hours. Until she walks in on St. Patrick’s Day. Suddenly all the stars aligned and I know she’s the one I’ve been waiting for.




For years New York City was my dream. When my twin sister left Ireland to go instead, my heart was crushed. Pa had just died and I couldn’t leave mum to run the tavern alone. I barely got away for this visit to do some research. A couple of weeks, a little break, that’s all I’m asking for. Maybe then I can go back and be what mum wants me to be. Until the hottest guy I’ve ever met offers to show me the real New York City and my heart is lost.


Will a family secret tear everything apart?

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