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A HARDCORE Security Book

Stryker's Ruin Green City Background.jpg

There is a darkness within me honed by generation after generation of enforcers. In the military I learned to control it, direct it. Now I choose the jobs that interest me, that allow me to… free the beast.

A war is building between the Camassa and O’Kelley families. The old guards are trying to diffuse the situation the old fashion way: Marriage between the families.

The sacrifice is to be Ruin Camassa, the only innocent among them. Both sides feel she is expendable, a price to be paid for sovereignty.

They made two mistakes:
Hiring me to be a pseudo guard to watch over her until the wedding. Then trying to harm the woman destined to be mine.

I’m Stryker. Hell has never seen a fury like mine.

Coming August 6, 2024


Where love rewrites the rules of engagement...

Get ready to fall in love with the heroes and heroines who've made the ultimate commitment—to both their country and each other. Beyond Courage is an electrifying anthology that will have you surrendering to the irresistible allure of military romance.

Experience the magnetic pull between soldiers, veterans, and the lovers who cherish them.

Feel the intensity of their love forged in the crucible of duty and honor.

Dive into a world where passion burns hotter than the desert sun and love conquers all.

From the front lines to the home front, these stories will transport you to a world of courage, sacrifice, and undying devotion. Beyond Courage isn't just an anthology; it's a journey through the hearts of those who serve and protect.

Don't miss your chance to stand at attention for these unforgettable characters. Order your copy today and be swept away by the passion and patriotism that defines their love.

Coming September 10, 2024

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