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Ambushed and left to die, they vowed to seek revenge. 
Meet the men of HARDCORE INC


Book One 

Reggie Sackhouse needs to find a killer, before she becomes his next victim.


She’s forced to turn to Army Ranger, Jed Harmond. Last time he promised to help, he disappeared without a word.

Can she trust him with her life, and her heart?


Book Four

He can't escape the guilt.


Niall 'Steel' Ó Brion team had been set up and he led his men into a trap. It's not his injuries or the end of his career that preoccupy him. It's they why and who that keep him awake. 

Cybill Anthony is on the runs from the men trying to silence her for what she witnessed. The independent ride share she calls turns out to be more than she expected.


Can she trust her life and her heart to Steel when he offers to protect her?

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Book Seven


Book Two

While tailing a suspect Mercury witnesses an attack on a young woman. He gets to her in time to save her life but not in time to stop the abduction of her child.


Lilith is desperate to get her baby back. When the intimidating stranger who saved her vows to find her child, she’s forced to trust him. But can she trust her heart not to fall in love with the gentle giant?


Book Five

Doc Hayes was out for revenge.


Dealing with death on the battlefield was Dawson 'Doc' Hayes penance for mistakes he’d made before becoming a Ranger. Now he spends his time dodging bullets.


Rachel Layne is willing to sacrifice herself to find where a sex trafficking ring has hidden her younger sister. When her latest attempt nearly gets her killed, she’s saved by a stranger who says he’s also on the same hunt.


Racing against the clock to save Rachel’s sister will they stay alive long enough to explore the love burning between them?

Book Three

When taking out the trash becomes deadly, independent Mattie is forced to go on the run with Ex-Ranger, River Rhodes.


River had hoped to leave the nightmares behind. But when his past throws him and an innocent woman into the crosshairs of a dangerous group, he goes on the offensive.


Staying alive is the first priority. Will finding love be mission accomplished?

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Book Six

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Book Eight

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Book Nine

Twelve Army Rangers were ambushed and left to die. They vowed to seek revenge for the three that didn’t make it home.  Meet the men of HARDCORE INC.


Dedicated to serving their country, fellow soldiers and anyone unjustly attacked or abused. Following the trail of evidence to the group that betrayed them, they just might find love along the way. 


Each story is a standalone with a complete and satisfying love story and a guaranteed HEA while adding one more piece of evidence to the puzzle leading them to expose murder, abuse, and corruption at the highest levels. The group responsible for the loss of their friends will not be fully exposed until the last book UNMASKED.

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