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A Crossover Series with HARDCORE INC

HARDCORE Security Novels introduce you to other members of the HARDCORE team that work in satellite locations. All of these stories are standalone, but you may run across old friends from the original series.

As an elite Army Ranger your team is your family. 

Meet the rest of the men and women who work for

HARDCORE  Security.

Coming Soon 

Summer with a Bodyguard

britt summer bodyguard white with.jpg


Someone wants me dead. I don’t know who or why.

If that isn’t enough, the stoic bodyguard my brother hires presents another kind of threat— a forbidden attraction. He’s big, and gruff, and silent, and the heated chemistry between us is undeniable. Resisting his magnetic pull becomes a challenge. I’ve been burned before and I’m not about to risk my heart again.


Nyla is a minx. Fiery. Independent. A stark contrast to the demure woman I thought I desired.

I’ve never been more wrong. This woman lights me up like no other and when she sashays her curvaceous ass to tease me, it takes all my control not to throw her over my shoulder and give her what she’s asking for.

First I have to stop the killer who’s after her.
Then I’ll show her I can be the man she deserves.

Coming May 16, 2024

Britt (2) copy.png

The Vegas Strip

 My name is Diego. I’ve done a lot of things in my life. Some good, some bad. Right now, I’m trying to find a missing woman for a friend. I found one. But not the one I’m after. This one is mine.

This one is pretending to be something she’s not. How do I know? I trained her when she was a police cadet. Now she’s sporting very few clothes and pretending to be a dancer and dealer at the club I’m investigating. The man with his hand on her hip is bad news.

I can be worse.

Available Now

(paperback coming soon)

Passion ignites in an intricate game of secrets and seduction.

Desperately Married


Haven DuMonde


I’m frantic. My father has disappeared, his illegally made millions of dollars are frozen, and threatening phone calls pour in night and day. Everything is gone and I can’t even buy groceries for my little sisters. 


Desperate and without any other options, I jump at the chance for a marriage of convenience. He’s my mother’s friend after all, what could be the harm?


Only he’s not the lonely older man I imagined as a comfortable confidante and mentor, but a sexy-as-sin billionaire whose intentions I don’t fully understand. Now I have a new problem—I desperately crave my husband’s touch.


Rhett Montgomery


Always needing the last word, my father made sure—even after his death—to punish me for not toeing his carefully drawn line. 


Marriage is what he wanted for me, and marriage is what it will take to inherit the money I want to open a rehab center for returning soldiers. A marriage of convenience seems the easiest and fastest way to go. Especially when I could catch a criminal in the process.


What I didn’t expect was to fall for the gorgeous woman caught in the crosshairs. Suddenly ‘I Do’ takes on a whole new meaning. 

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