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HARDCORE Security 
a Crossover Series 


Book One 

Reggie Sackhouse needs to find a killer, before she becomes his next victim.


She’s forced to turn to Army Ranger, Jed Harmond. Last time he promised to help, he disappeared without a word.

Can she trust him with her life, and her heart?


Book Four

He can't escape the guilt.


Niall 'Steel' Ó Brion team had been set up and he led his men into a trap. It's not his injuries or the end of his career that preoccupy him. It's they why and who that keep him awake. 

Cybill Anthony is on the runs from the men trying to silence her for what she witnessed. The independent ride share she calls turns out to be more than she expected.


Can she trust her life and her heart to Steel when he offers to protect her?


Book Seven

An unlikely hero, is he strong enough to save her?


Lucas ‘I-Tee’ Evander, boy genius and master of all things tech, spends his time using words and numbers to catch the bad guys who killed his friends and teammates. Until the night he gets a desperate text for ‘help’ from the person who’s been trying to hack his system.


The woman he rescues is in possession of files no one should have ever seen. Is she the innocent hack she claims to be? Or is she a honeypot out to destroy what’s left of his team? His heart says she’s the real deal, but experience has taught him otherwise.


Kalli Mitchel is reeling from the worst kind of betrayal anyone can suffer and desperately needs his help to find her missing sister. In shock from information she uncovered, she reaches out to the hacker whose system she’s been trying to break.


She can only hope that he’s the good guy and not the evil genius she’d been led to believe. After all, he’s her last chance to stay alive. Will she lose her life or her heart?



Book Two

Book Three

While tailing a suspect Mercury witnesses an attack on a young woman. He gets to her in time to save her life but not in time to stop the abduction of her child.


Lilith is desperate to get her baby back. When the intimidating stranger who saved her vows to find her child, she’s forced to trust him. But can she trust her heart not to fall in love with the gentle giant?

When taking out the trash becomes deadly, independent Mattie is forced to go on the run with Ex-Ranger, River Rhodes.


River had hoped to leave the nightmares behind. But when his past throws him and an innocent woman into the crosshairs of a dangerous group, he goes on the offensive.


Staying alive is the first priority. Will finding love be mission accomplished?


Book Five

Doc Hayes was out for revenge.


Dealing with death on the battlefield was Dawson 'Doc' Hayes penance for mistakes he’d made before becoming a Ranger. Now he spends his time dodging bullets.


Rachel Layne is willing to sacrifice herself to find where a sex trafficking ring has hidden her younger sister. When her latest attempt nearly gets her killed, she’s saved by a stranger who says he’s also on the same hunt.


Racing against the clock to save Rachel’s sister will they stay alive long enough to explore the love burning between them?


Book Eight

He lost the only woman he’ll ever love to another man.


Richard ‘Brick’ House, is everyone’s friend and go-to man. Easy with a smile and a helping hand, no one knows he’s broken from loving a woman he can never have.


When she’s suddenly widowed, Brick keeps his distance, watching over her from afar. Until he finds out she’s the target of the same kidnappers his team has been investigating for months.


Nothing will stop him from protecting her and her son.


Amélie Cormier-Daug, settled for the man who got her pregnant. The man who swore to loved her, whose love turned to control. His love, tainted by opioid abuse and his PTSD was worsening by the day.


Trapped and afraid, the news of his death on his last mission leaves her reeling with a sad relief and a sense of regret and failure.


Until she receives a warning package in the mail from her dead husband. Now she and her son are running for their lives.


Book Six

He chased her right into their evil grasp. Saving her is his last chance at redemption.


Angel ‘Gunner’ Mateus Johansen grew up with nothing and no hope. The army gave him purpose, his Ranger team gave him a family. Now the one woman who can heal him has been taken. He’ll risk everything to save her.


Reba Layne is strong, independent and entirely too outspoken. She refuses to give up on her kidnapped friends. Now she’s the captive and her days are numbered.


With no strength left she makes one final attempt to escape. Strong arms pull her from a watery grave. Her relief is short-lived. The dark eyed man from her dreams stands in front of her.


Is he her guardian angel or the devil himself….  


Book Nine

“The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”

~David Foster Wallace, author


Shocked and disillusioned by the duplicity of people she thought she could trust. Charlotte Clendenin tries to help expose the most unlikely people involved in the sex trafficking trade operating out of DC before she becomes a victim. 


Unprepared for the truth he uncovers, Resin ‘Bowie’ Parish is on the run with the innocent trying to help him.


Will he be able to keep them both alive while bringing down the organization responsible for the attack on his teammates?


The chilling conclusion of HARDCORE INC.

Coming Dec 20, 2023


As an elite Army Ranger your team is your family. 

Meet the rest of the men and women who work for

HARDCORE  Security.

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